About Chris

Chris Gillis Art

About Chris

I’m a Cape Cod-based Landscape Painter interested in how color and shape interact in the landscape.

Artist Statement

I paint to tell a story. Capturing moments of sun drenched brilliance in the Cape Cod landscape with my paints is my passion. Golden afternoons by the salty shores, the thick scent of the tidal flats, the old wooden boathouses and farmhouses with peeling yellow paint – That is the experience I chase after – to capture a moment, the way I see things in big bold shapes of color. I study how colors relate to each other, and how shapes of color piece together to create that story. I prefer to paint from life, often losing myself in winding backroads that hug the salty Atlantic shore, in search of that quintessential old Cape Cod scene.

I studied Design and Business at UMASS Amherst and have worked professionally as a Graphic Artist for over 20 years. I live and work full-time on Cape Cod.


Mariposa Gallery, Sandwich, MA

Cape Cod School of Art 2022 Exhibition at Seashore Point

Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM) Member Shows

Cape Cod 5 Orleans